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NG-IN Solutions

Platform for Number Translation and Business Voice VPN

With three main objectives in mind, CreaLog has developed its NG-IN Service Delivery Platform (SDP) with Number Translation and Voice VPN:

  • Enable network operators and other communications service providers (CSP) to find new revenues and support new business models.
  • Supply CSPs with the technology needed to introduce new applications and services as quickly as possible.
  • Supply CSPs with technology that reduces the cost of developing, integrating and operating new applications.

The Intelligent Network Voice Services, including all number translation services (number portability, service numbers, etc.), are realized on CreaLog’s Service Delivery Platform (SDP) integrating applications like MRF, IVR, Contact Center, Call Recording and Virtual Office/PBX to name just a few. The sophisticated CreaLog CDG Service Creation Environment (SCE) and a browser-based call flow designer round off the solution. New features and services can thus be swiftly developed in the shortest possible time.

The Business Voice VPN functionality offers the possibility to provide customers with the option to administer their very own phone number system, enabling the integration of different company locations in a unified number plan. This increases the accessibility of all colleagues, smoothens the exchange of information and betters cooperation.

The CreaLog NG-IN architecture comprises a set of building blocks, including:

  • The CreaLog Platform as Service Execution Environment (SEE): providing the runtime environments for services and applications.
  • CreaLog CDG as Service Creation Environment (SCE): providing the necessary toolsets (graphical and browser-based) to build applications and services.
  • OSS/BSS interface: providing the components for the seamless integration into the OSS/BSS environment of the communications service provider.
  • The SOA environment: including the Service Orchestration, Registry and Governance for the business integration through Web Services and service interface adapters.

Open Framework for Applications

We have developed, and maintained, a set of pre-integrated solutions. These solutions address individual network operator business needs in specific service categories. The following picture shows typical and important examples of our pre-integrated solutions: IVR/MRF, Cloud Contact Center, Call Recording (Mobile/Fixnet), Virtual Office/PBX, and custom applications. 

Please refer to our NG-IN Solutions data sheet for details.


Flexible Approach

The CreaLog SDP7 Platform fully meets the requirements of a flexible approach as a fixed product approach to (NG-IN) SDP definition and delivery is no longer appropriate. We believe Service Delivery Platforms need to support the development and operation of a wide range of end-user services, and business models. 

Service Migration

Whilst implementing a new all-IP next-generation network, many vendors just say no when it comes to preserving and enhancing your legacy services and mission-critical applications. But we at CreaLog are ready to help and understand how to migrate and transform all of your services including INAP and CAMEL!

Number Translation Services and Server (NTS)

Broad Choice of Routing Options

CreaLog NTS supports a comprehensive range of freephone, universal access number, and premium number services, which are typically known by their dialing prefix codes like 8XX, 08XX, 9XX and others. The solution translates these numbers into specific end points that business customers can freely configure and reconfigure according to their needs to achieve true Fixed Mobile Unification (FMU).

CreaLog NTS offers the following full range of time, origin and service number dependent routing options for all media to achieve full Fixed Mobile Unification for true Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC). 

  • Time-dependent routing -> Calendars for daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or one-off times periods.
  • Origin-dependent routing -> Calling party’s number prefix, calling party category (CPC – e.g., payphone), calling identity restricted, calling identity not available, international, and operator calls.
  • Service number dependent routing -> Common routing behavior for all calls followed by differentiating according to the service number dialed.

To learn more download the Number Translation Datasheet or get in contact with our consultants.



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