IMS Service Delivery Platform

CreaLog Service Delivery Platform (SDP)

Multimedia-Applications for Telcos

Communication Service Providers (CSPs) are faced with tremendous changes taking place in their networks. Margins are shrinking and new threats are constantly arising from global OTTs, including alternative, free-of-cost communication and messaging applications. CreaLog has a solution to this challenge with our CreaLog Telecom Platform, which is completely “Made in Germany” and fits into any CSP network. With full support for geo-redundancy and comprehensive cluster capabilities, we can guarantee Carrier and Telco-grade availability.

And this is just the start. The CreaLog Service Delivery Platform is a comprehensive Fixed Mobile Unification (FMU) platform for all communication, signaling, media, and messaging applications on the telecommunications market. It provides a layered architecture and is tailored to the specific needs of CSPs. Its access layer integrates seamlessly into any signaling network and is able to terminate all communication channels including voice telephony, video communication, SMS, MMS, WebRTC, and interactive Web sessions on to voice-first devices such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home. Our platform leverages applications for NGN and IMS infrastructures but also supports legacy TDM networks.

For more information download the CreaLog Telco Catalog.

  • IMS, VoLTE, 5G ready
  • Legacy TDM/SS7 support
  • WebRTC enabled
  • Highly flexible
  • Easy to manage
  • 3rd party Web service interfaces
  • Consistent communication experience
  • Powerful Service Creation Environment
  • Multi-tenancy
  • Open interfaces for charging, monitoring, and reporting
  • "Made in Germany"

CreaLog Telecom Platform

  • Layered architecture
  • Distributed or central deployment
  • 100,000+ concurrent contacts
  • 5,000+ contacts per second
  • Designed for 99.999% availability
  • Geo-redundant architecture
  • All components n+1 or cluster redundant
  • Autonomous signaling / MRFP servers
  • Hot swappable components
  • Virtualization, VMware, KVM/OpenStack

Media Server Voice and Video (IVR)

  • Up to 1,000 voice channels per server
  • Up to 500 fax channels per server
  • Up to 580 channels conferencing per server
  • Speech recognition in 50+ languages and dialects
  • Text-to-speech for 40+ languages and dialects
  • Voice biometrics speaker authentication
  • Voice recording with speech analytics
  • Conferencing for voice and video
  • VXML 2.1, MRCP v1/v2, MSML
  • G.711, G.726, G.729a/b, G.722
  • H.264, H.263, VP8, MPEG-4, 3G-324M
  • Fax T.30, T.38

Media Server SMS/MMS/USSD

  • Up to 500 contacts per second per server
  • Regular expression based analysis
  • Protocols: MAP, SIGTRAN, SMPP, UCP, SMTP
  • Media Server web/chat/email
  • Protocols: SMTP

Signaling Server

  • Up to 300 conversations per second per server
  • Up to 2000 parallel conversations per server
  • IN suite with SCP and assisting IP
  • SIP application server
  • Service Broker

Operations, Administration, Maintenance (OAM)

  • Multi-tenant and multi-lingual web user interface
  • Configuration, reporting, service creation and provisioning
  • User interface for HTML, XML and HTML5 for iOS and Android
  • Suitable for operators, resellers/MVNOs, end customers
  • Rights management with users, groups, profiles and rights
  • Consolidated real-time / historical monitoring and reporting
  • Mass provisioning interfaces (CDR, offline transcription, CRM)
  • Diameter, charging CDRs, online/offline charging
  • SNMP v2

Platform Servers

  • Standard Oracle database server or PostgreSQL
  • Real-time Server for synchronization and counting
  • Distribution Server for automated software distribution
  • Logging Server for transaction logging and charging
  • Reporting Manager for report generation
  • Alarm Manager

Service Creation Environment

  • Consistent workflow creation for signaling, voice, SMS, USSD, web/chat, VXML
  • Graphical user interface with drag & drop
  • Integrated script engine with 300+ commands
  • Integration of databases and web services (XML/SOAP parser)


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