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CreaLog Speech Analytics

Analyze the content of conversations

Once a conversation or a voicemail is transcribed and stored as text (Speech-to-Text) it is ready for in-depth analysis. CreaLogs AI fueled Speech Analytics automatically ascertains information about the structure, content and characteristics of conversations as well as characteristics of the speaker.

This information is predominantly used for quality assurance, process optimization and in business intelligence.

On the one hand it is possible to search through existing voice data for specific information and to prepare statistics. On the other hand, it is possible to react immediately to particular events in live operation by means of the Voice Portal (i.e. IVR) or the supervisor.

Analyzing the dialog structure

Apart from a call's actual content, the dialog's structure can also provide important insights. For example, CreaLog Speech Analytics can help determine how speech and silence are distributed within a call dialog. Are there conversation lulls for any length of time? Does one dialog partner interrupt the other one? Is there double talk in the dialog? Answers to these questions also provide relevant information about the customer service quality in the call center, room for improvement in process flows and possible education or training needs of individual employees.

Automatically analyze, categorize and evaluate recorded conversations in Service Centers, or for legal and compliance reasons 

  • Determination of speaker characteristics e.g. age and gender
  • Emotion detection
  • Speaker identification
  • Language identification
  • Key word (Topic) spotting

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