Call Completion & R-Call

Call back on missed calls

Every day, millions of calls fail, resulting in huge revenues losses that can be avoided easily by helping customers catch up on these otherwise missed calls. Call Completion covers a broad range of techniques like Missed Call Notification, Missed Call Message, Availability Notifiers or R-Call Messages asking for a call back.

Missed Call Notification

Voicemail nowadays is often deemed old-fashioned and not used anymore. Missed Call Notification helps keeping customers up to date on their missed calls. They receive a text message informing them of the originator of the missed call and provide additional details such as date and time of the call. With a simple keystroke, the caller is called back and revenue generated.

Missed Call Message

If a call fails, the caller can leave a short voice message for the called party. This voice message is then converted into a text message using Voice-to-Text and delivered directly to the called party. Instead of awkwardly listening to a long voice messages, the called party simply reads the text message on its screen and then quickly calls back or sends a text, depending on situation and preference.

Availability Notifier

Every day, millions of calls fail because the called party is busy or out of coverage. And these calls are mostly lost even when the called party is available again.
The Availability Notifier service notifies with a message including the called party’s phone number as soon as the called party is available again. When the availability message arrives, the caller knows that a retry will be successful. 

R-Call Message

If a subscriber runs out of credit, he can’t create revenue any more. The R-Call Message service gives subscribers lacking balance the option to ask the called party of their choice for a return call.
The recipient can then call back or send a text message, depending on his situation and preference.

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